Your Wedding Questions Answered!

What is Weddings N Paradise?
At Weddings N Paradise, we specialize in elegant island weddings for up to 100 guests and offer exotic locations that cater to the wishes of the wedding couple.
Who is Sherilyn V Cooper?
Sherilyn V Cooper is an experienced Bahamas wedding planner and designer. She founded and currently directs Weddings N Paradise.

Marriage License

Do I Need a Marriage License in Order to Be Married in The Bahamas?
Yes, you will need a marriage license that you need to obtain at the island where you want to get married. Please note that you need to arrive in Nassau, Abaco or the Out Islands at least 24 hours before applying for your marriage license. The office is not open during weekends or holidays.
Can Weddings N Paradise Help Me Obtain a Marriage License?
Yes, we will be happy to help you apply for and collect your marriage license.
Will My Weddings N Paradise Be Valid in My Country?
Yes, your wedding in the Bahamas is 100% legal and accepted in all countries around the world.
Is a Blood Test Required to Apply for a Marriage License?
No, a blood test is not required.
How Much Does a Marriage License Cost?
The cost is $280 and this will be included in your overall Weddings N Paradise fee. This covers your marriage license, two affidavits of singlehood and one certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Planning the Wedding

Who Will Perform the Ceremony?
It is up to you. You can choose an ordained minister, a Justice of the Peace, a Rabbi or an Imam all are available to perform your marriage ceremony.
Where Can I Rent a Tuxedo?
There are several tuxedo rental shops in The Bahamas. We are delighted to make recommendations for you.
Can We Have a Rehearsal?
Absolutely. If you would like to rehearse the wedding, just let us know.
Where Should We Stay?
You may stay at any hotel or resort of your choice. We are happy to make recommendations, as we are experts in the surrounding hotels and resorts.
What If It Rains?
We always ensure that we have a backup location arranged should the weather decide not to cooperate.
Will Our Wedding Planner Be There on the Day Itself?
Of course! Sherilyn Cooper attends each and every ceremony to ensure everything runs smoothly. She will be on hand to answer any questions and deal with any last-minute emergencies, so you can relax and focus on enjoying your wedding!

If your question is not answered or if you just want to chat, contact us for more information. Getting married in the Bahamas is an excellent choice and we are here to help you every step of the way.